Vanderheyden QI Program partners with programs and administration to ensure that highest quality of care is provided to the individuals and families served. The QI Program provides the framework process and procedures that systematically define, evaluate, monitor, and ensure that appropriate and cost-effective care and service are delivered to the individuals and families served.

The QI program is a continuous quality improvement endeavor that involves participation of all members of Vanderheyden’s Board of Directors and staff members. This is accomplished through a continuous, objective, and systematic process that identifies problems and opportunities for improvement, and assist the organization to change its  processes, policy and procedures to promote growth, change, and improvement across all areas of service delivery.

The Quality Improvement program scope includes but is not limited to monitoring and evaluation of the following:

  • Accessibility and availability of services
  • Consumer Satisfaction Surveys
  • Complaints/appeals/grievances monitoring and timely resolution
  • Practice guideline development and compliance monitoring
  • Record documentation and site visits reviews
  • Under and over utilization of services/sites
  • Identification and monitoring of select indicators of clinical service
  • Individual rights
  • Confidentially of information and records

Download Corporate Compliance Program.pdf

If you want to report any situation that you think represents fraud, waste and/or abuse within the agency, please call the Corporate Compliance HelpLine at 518-874-4968.

Your call is confidential and anonymous.


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