Vanderheyden believes group identification is an important part of an individual’s identity. A person’s identifications and connections can be a source of strength as well as resources for both emotional and material supports. Vanderheyden will not discriminate regardless of ethnicity, race, religion and spiritually, age, gender, physical appearance, gender identity and expression, sexual orientation, socioeconomic status, health, legal history, ability, marital status, national origin, age or any other status, condition or characteristic protected by applicable law.

In order to help us achieve these goals, Vanderheyden recognizes the importance of understanding the various cultural influences in people’s lives, whether they be in the membership in particular ethnic/religious group, membership or identity in some other cultural group, such as the deaf community, or a difference such as may be associated with being raised in an urban versus rural community.  Most importantly, we recognize that each individual we serve, along with each of our employees, has a different background and life experience which has shaped who they are and has affected the choices they have made in life.  We need to be aware, accepting and supportive of client differences and life experiences. 


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