Many of our youth have a diagnosis of bi-polar, attention deficit disorder, hyperactivity, or post-traumatic stress disorder.  Others also have intellectual or developmental disabilities.   Virtually all have experienced environments that were disordered, abusive, and/or neglectful.  

Due to our trauma-informed treatment and care, many of these young men and women emerge from their stay at Vanderheyden profoundly changed, their path in life dramatically altered.  Our philosophy provides for living in safe home-like settings, an emphasis on healthy living, and individualized treatment plans to address emotional, physical, and mental challenges. As one of only 50 or so Sanctuary-certified providers in the U. S., we are committed to responding to trauma-induced behavior with acceptance, compassion and non-violence.

We invite you to meet some of the young men and women whose lives were transformed by their stay at Vanderheyden. 


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